I’m really only good for a six week stint

planning, goals, timeAnd that’s being generous to myself. When I look at different resolutions I make, I really can only keep anything up for no more than six weeks. Exercise routines, chore charts/allowances for the kids, meal planning, work schedules…heck, this blog will probably lose my interest and attention by mid June. Nice knowin’ ya.

The fact that I know that I’m a six-weeker is at least one achievement, as I see it. I don’t want to be flaky, but I’ve come to realize that I just need to change it up fairly often. So, I try to start something with the goal of sticking with it for the next six weeks and then re-evaluating at the end. That way, I’m not quitting or failing at something, but I start it with the knowledge that I’m not locked into it forever– just six-weeks. The other realization is that six weeks is a fairly common time frame for a lot of activities in life. It lines up with school routines, summer durations, sports programs and you can get fit or fat in six weeks, too!

I have read a lot on time management and goal setting and one of my favorite resources with a lot of practical applications was the book 10-10-10. Now, she talks about your next ten minutes, your next ten months and your next ten years. My version would be 6-6-6, and that is generally frowned upon, so read her book and glean what you will. It’s a real fire-starter and Spring is a great time for kickin’ yourself in the butt…gettin’ back in the saddle…pickin’ yourself up by the bootstraps. I’ll stop now, I think I might have written that last sentence with a southern “yee-haw” accent.

Things on my six-week radar

  • six weeks to swim-suit season (fitness goals)
  • six weeks to summer vacation (summer plans?)
  • six weeks minus two for my chicks (I really do have chickens) to leave “the nest”
  • six weeks minus four to outdoor gardening
  • six weeks ago I was supposed to be making X amount of dollars doing something. (note to self: move this one to the top of the list)

So far I have purchased a new pair of gym-worthy workout pants and gone to one class at said gym, signed the kids up for swim team, berated my husband into building the chicken coop, I have kept my seedlings alive for three-ish weeks and prepared the new garden plot. Not bad, not great. I should probably beef up my goal list.

Actually, I should probably just focus on the next six minutes and get off of this computer!


Welcome to my merry-go-round

vintage merry go round posterDo you get the analogy? Or is it an allegory? Or is it just symbolism? Well, it’s a word picture at the very least. And this is how I explain myself to myself. I have a lot of things on my mind. And each thing is a horse on the carousel (mine only has pretty horses, not frogs or emus or benches). It seems as soon as one catches my eye and I think about it and admire it, another one comes into view and steals my attention. These all go ’round and ’round and get attention here and there, but they are always revolving and moving in and out of view.

I’ve kinda, sorta wanted to have my own blog for a while, but it’s always seemed to be a merry-go-round of its own. For instance, does a blog need to exist for a purpose? Do I have a message? A platform? Would anyone be interested in the dumb things I have to blather about? Do I have dumb things to blather about beyond a one sentence Facebook post? Is it for my entertainment or for the attention of others? What would it look like? How would I do it? What would I call it? You see? This is how I mess with myself and make things more complicated than they are.

So, just to be clear, I have only a vague idea about what to do here. I have lofty goals from time to time, but a bargain-basement plan to execute those goals, so like the header says: enjoy the ride, but don’t throw up.