About Me

Jenny Leggett Family PictureHi! I’m Jenny Leggett.

I’m the one with the mind of a merry-go-round, so writing an About Me section is a daunting task. Currently, I would say my primary roles are wife and mother, followed closely by sister and friend and bringing up the rear would be freelance communication consultant. It mostly means I blog and Facebook for small businesses, etc. I never quite sit still long enough to have my About Me portrait made, but it’s coming into focus more everyday.

I do know that I love to read. I am a recovering Christian Fiction reader (it’s been 15 years since my last CF read). I read for pleasure, to understand, ponder and learn, and to explore things outside my own little life. I love language. I love imagery. I love themes. Thank you, Mr. Evans for teaching me to appreciate the written word. I can be a Facebook junkie, a blog stalker, I like my DVR and I pay all of my bills online, but I also like a lot of simple, basics like gardening, composting, my chickens, real food, walks with friends, etc. Here’s where I write about how much I love fitness and yoga and the outdoors and spending time with my precious children and fun-loving husband….all of which are true…a lot!…sometimes…when I don’t get distracted by a screen or a squirrel…ya know?

I wanted to start a blog because while I don’t believe I represent every woman, I do think that I am just ordinary enough to enjoy relating to all kinds of women. The face of life for women today is a rapidly moving target and we’re all just doing our best trying to achieve balance. I get stuck and lost and unsure and a sense of humor can help me to find, if not quite balance, at least the perspective to get over myself and try again. It is my hope that this would be a community of sorts where sharing faux pas and funnies and tricks of the trade keep our merry-go-rounds going ’round merrily.

Laugh with me! Or at me. I’m fine with that.


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