I’m really only good for a six week stint

planning, goals, timeAnd that’s being generous to myself. When I look at different resolutions I make, I really can only keep anything up for no more than six weeks. Exercise routines, chore charts/allowances for the kids, meal planning, work schedules…heck, this blog will probably lose my interest and attention by mid June. Nice knowin’ ya.

The fact that I know that I’m a six-weeker is at least one achievement, as I see it. I don’t want to be flaky, but I’ve come to realize that I just need to change it up fairly often. So, I try to start something with the goal of sticking with it for the next six weeks and then re-evaluating at the end. That way, I’m not quitting or failing at something, but I start it with the knowledge that I’m not locked into it forever– just six-weeks. The other realization is that six weeks is a fairly common time frame for a lot of activities in life. It lines up with school routines, summer durations, sports programs and you can get fit or fat in six weeks, too!

I have read a lot on time management and goal setting and one of my favorite resources with a lot of practical applications was the book 10-10-10. Now, she talks about your next ten minutes, your next ten months and your next ten years. My version would be 6-6-6, and that is generally frowned upon, so read her book and glean what you will. It’s a real fire-starter and Spring is a great time for kickin’ yourself in the butt…gettin’ back in the saddle…pickin’ yourself up by the bootstraps. I’ll stop now, I think I might have written that last sentence with a southern “yee-haw” accent.

Things on my six-week radar

  • six weeks to swim-suit season (fitness goals)
  • six weeks to summer vacation (summer plans?)
  • six weeks minus two for my chicks (I really do have chickens) to leave “the nest”
  • six weeks minus four to outdoor gardening
  • six weeks ago I was supposed to be making X amount of dollars doing something. (note to self: move this one to the top of the list)

So far I have purchased a new pair of gym-worthy workout pants and gone to one class at said gym, signed the kids up for swim team, berated my husband into building the chicken coop, I have kept my seedlings alive for three-ish weeks and prepared the new garden plot. Not bad, not great. I should probably beef up my goal list.

Actually, I should probably just focus on the next six minutes and get off of this computer!

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